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PPI UnObtanium

Precision Products has been solving severe wear problems in manufacturing environments for over 16 years. We have hard coated parts in many industries such as mining, automotive, textile, food, medical and aerospace. Due to this wide range of experience we know that every application is different and therefore we offer a wide range of coatings based on your needs. Some of the important factors that we use to decide the optimum coating for your application include type of abrasive material involved, conditions, temperature, speed, and the type of abrasion, erosion, friction, impact, corrosion etc.

Over the years many manufacturing companies have come to rely on traditional industrial hard chrome finishes for all their plated roller and parts needs. With a Rockwell hardness of 60-62c it has proven to be a reliable and economical coating for most users.

Since 2007 Precision has started replacing ordinary hard chrome with a new material we call UnObtanium. This new material offers a much harder and more durable finish with 2-5 times longer life in our tests.

Physical Characteristics

Coating Density       99.9%+
Bond Strength     10,000 psi+
Thickness           up to .250"
Hardness       up to Rockwell 72c
Melting point         >4800F

UnObtanium can be applied to a variety of base metals including Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Iron, and Inconel. In some cases that utilize large cross sections of material we can also apply the coating to aluminum. Unlike other high pressure, high velocity oxygen fuel applied coatings UnObtanium reaches up to 99% density assuring you a durable and corrosion free surface in chemically basic environments. However, for extremely corrosive/acidic environments we also offer a 2-layer system with a corrosion barrier under the UnObtanium outer layer.

UnObtanium can be applied in a variety of surface finishes from a mirror finish up to as applied for use in take up rollers or other locations where a durable gritty surface is needed.