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PPI Texturizing Jets

Since 2000 Precision Products has been producing texturizing jets for single step extruders of carpet face yarn as well as automotive fabrics and upholstery. Precision has invested over one million dollars in state of the art machinery. The investment includes exotic manufacturing equipment, a high precision coordinate measuring machine (CMM) as well as our own in-house X-Ray Fluorescence device for metallurgical analysis for the sole purpose of producing the best jets in the industry today.

Using a rigorous QC program, our jets are 100% inspected for compliance to 35 critical features which prevents us from shipping any parts with dimensional failures. Precision has an ISO9001:2008 certified quality system in place to further assure you that all our products meet your needs every time.

Each jet is also engraved with its own serial number which can then be used to track the part to its original measurements. After use, customers can return their jets for a complete inspection report for a nominal fee. After measuring each jet, a detailed report is issued allowing you to determine the ideal replacement time. This maximizes jet life while preventing you from producing off quality fiber.

Precision Products is located convenient to the carpet industry in Dalton, GA and we maintain an inventory of texturizing jets at all times. We produce replacement jets for all major extruders including Barmag, Reiter and Neumag. Our in-house engineering group can also design non-OEM jets in any special configuration needed for your unique yarn production requirements. PPI jets produce identical bulk compared to the OEM parts and are a 100% drop in replacement.

Texturizing jets are produced from a heat treated alloy which is very stable and very hard. This assures you the most consistent and longest wearing jet available. Using highly productive lean manufacturing cells our jets also cost less than the OEM parts.

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As you can see the PPI jets offer many advantages over the OEM parts. With over 16 years experience, Precision is the leading supplier of texturizing parts to the textile industry.