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PPI Heavy Metal Testing & Metallurgical Analysis

Material identification and verification of metals and alloys are critical for any machine shop or customer interested in safety, part performance and liability. There are many negative issues that can occur if parts are produced out of the wrong material and the outcome ranges from bad to disastrous.

With today's stringent customer requirements from a liability point of view, we simply can't afford to make mistakes when it comes to material identification. Traditional methods of metallurgical analysis involved melting the part to determine its exact elemental make up. Due to the complexity and time line of this type of testing, most shops simply guess.

Precision Products took a different approach and invested in sophisticated X-Ray fluorescence equipment. With this device we can now test virtually any metal or alloy in seconds and determine the exact content in a non-destructive test. This assures you the customer that everything we supply is absolutely correct and minimizes your risk and liability as well as ensuring you that each part will work properly in its intended application.

Not only does this device allow us to test the finished parts we send to our customers, but it also allows us to test incoming raw materials as well. It is not uncommon to find incoming raw materials that are mislabeled, which could be a disaster depending on the application of the finished part. Our rigorous ISO 9001-2008 quality system has procedures that requires us to maintain the documentation for each part tested and we can supply you with these certifications on request.

In addition to "in-house" uses of the XRF technology Precision also offers certifiable metallurgical testing and heavy metal testing for customers. This includes testing of metals as well as plastics to determine if they contain heavy metals such as lead, arsenic or any other heavy metals. This is a very economical service and can be done at our facility or the customers depending on the size of the part to be tested. The XRF device is portable and can be carried to your location to test large samples for fast and easy alloy identification. The device identifies over 350 standard alloys and gives detailed elemental analysis of any alloy not in its database. The output files are 100% court admissible and our staff of certified operators are trained and ready to assist you as needed.