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Extrusion Melt Pumps & Metering Pumps Repair

Precision Products has been directly involved with the extrusion industry since 1993. In addition to other extrusion parts such as spinnerets, breaker plates, etc. we also offer refurbishing of precision gear driven melt pumps.

For many operations, melt pumps are used because of the benefits related to metering and pressure control. When a metering pump is operating properly the extrusion line can be counted on to generate a constant output.

There are very few companies in the USA that can properly rebuild these ultra high precision melt/metering pumps. Precision Products is a leader in the USA at providing this service throughout the extrusion industry and we are certified under the rigorous ISO 9001:2008 standard.

Since our shop has exotic CNC and EDM machining centers as well as two coordinate measuring machines capable of .000080h accuracy, you can be assured that when we rebuild your gear pump it will be restored to OEM specification. We also offer in-house metallurgy that allows us to test your original gears nondestructively and duplicate them exactly.

Not only do we offer rebuilds, we can also produce new, high precision gears for melt pumps. We offer full machining of plates and all other work required to get your extrusion line back in operation. Count on Precision Products for your melt pump needs.

Precision Products offers complete rebuilding and replacement parts for extrusion melt pumps and metering pump from companies such as Zenith, Barmag, Feinpruef, MVV, Mahr, Slack and Pharr, PSI, Neumag, Kawasaki and Farcon. We offer repairs on inline, and planetary pumps from .10cc to over 900cc/rev. We are located in Dalton, GA convenient to most of the textile extrusion industry in the Southeast USA. We have an ISO-9001-2008 certified quality system in place to ensure we meet your stringent quality requirements.

We also offer a full line of new melt pumps that we can design to be a 100% drop-in replacement for your obsolete or expensive OEM melt pump.