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PPI Interlacing Jets

Since 1993 Precision Products has been a leader in replacement parts and service for the largest extrusion companies in the carpet industry. In addition to texturing and winder parts, Precision also offers a wide range of tack jets used in air entanglement of BCF and CF yarn.

All of our air interlacing tack jets are made locally in Dalton, GA under our strict ISO 9001:2008 certified process. These jets offer great life and durability, and they also save you money. Typically our jets cost 15-30% less than foreign made OEM parts, and volume discounts are also available.

Since we are local to the carpet industry that means we have inventory available to you at a moments notice. No lengthy delays waiting for shipments from overseas vendors.

In addition to a full line of Temco replacement jets, Interlacing tack jets, we also offer custom jets as needed. These tack jets are made from a super high speed steel alloy that ensures extremely long life without any of the fragility issues of ceramic. Our long life parts can easily survive a three foot drop test. Try that with the ceramic OEM part.

We offer replacement jets for many of the most popular lines such as Neumag, Barmag, Filteco, Plantex and STP/Impianti.

Interlacing Jets

Precision Tack Jets offer many advantages compared to OEM ceramic units. Due to the superior material selection, these jets offer long life and practically no chance of damage due to operator mishandling or abuse. Our design also features a split line along the yarn path rather than at the rebound plate, virtually eliminating broken corners. See the chart below to see how we stack up against the OEM jet.

Scale Poor *    Good ***    Excellent *****

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