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CNC High Speed Hard Milling

Precision Products offers state of the art three axis hard milling on two 42,000 rpm Swiss spindle Mikron milling machines. While many shops offer three axis milling, very few offer the ability to mill hardened parts. This allows us to heat treat parts and then perform the final milling to ensure the part remains true to the required dimensional tolerances and not gmoveh during heat treating which is often an over looked source of part variation.

The capabilities of the Mikron allow us to machine up to Rc 61 while holding tolerances of +,- .0001h on a production basis. The Mikron also produces superior surface finishes when compared to traditional CNC milling. The Mikron is also fitted with an advanced palletizing system that allows us to run many parts in an automated lights out basis further reducing your cost. Even when running in fully automated mode we are able to hold very tight tolerances due to the automatic laser tool measurement feature built into our machine. Once tool wear reaches a critical point, the machine replaces it with a new tool from its magazine and locks out the worn tool. If the laser measures tool wear it will rerun the last operation to ensure the dimensions are maintained.

Industries Served

PPI services many industries including textile, power generation, medical, defense, automotive, firearms, plastic and rubber extrusion, jet turbine fuel systems, aerospace and many others. Parts such as molds, cores, inserts, die punches and forging dies are no problem for the state of the art Mikron.

CNC High Speed Hard Milling

Machine Capacities

X= 19.68h, Y=17.72h, Z=13.78h

Using the Mikron PPI is able to machine hard tool steels such as D2, M2, M4, S7, H13, A2 and many other hardened tool steels. The Swiss spindle of the Mikron operates as speeds up to 42,000 rpms and uses a shrink fit tool holder to ensure the tooling is in the exact center of the spindle.


PPI also offers a staff of engineers capable of reverse engineering your parts and creating our own toleranced drawings, or we can use your drawings to produce very high precision dropin replacement parts.

R&D and small runs

Precision Products is an ISO 9001:2008 certified job shop and we are accustomed to producing small part runs including R&D projects that require a single prototype. Please contact one of our experienced sales engineers for more information.