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EDM Drill & EDM Hole Popper - EDM Machining & Current Drilling

Precision offers four Charmilles wire EDM machines and one EDM current drilling machine (EDM Drill and EDM Hole Popper). The largest of the EDMs is a Charmilles Cut 300 which includes a water tank to fully submerge the fixture, tool head and part to be produced. By controlling the entire environment, tolerances drop dramatically. With the wire EDM process there is no tool pressure and no tool wear which are both common issues with traditional CNC machining resulting in very low tolerances.

The wire EDM process can use wire diameters from .001h up to .012h to handle a wide range of applications. EDM also produces very sharp corners and edges for demanding application.

A major advantage of wire EDM is the superior finish that is produced as it requires no de-burring to produce a very smooth and straight surface. We also have 4th axis capabilities on all our machines offering additional range of machining ability. Since the heads on all our machines fully articulates independent of each other, this offers the ability to make parts not normally possible with EDM.

Since EDM removes material with electricity vaporizing the material, hardness and material type is not an issue as long as the work piece conducts electricity. The EDM process also allows us to heat treat parts before machining as opposed to after. This completely eliminates the movement that traditionally occurs after heat treating as a source of part dimensional variation.

EDM Drill and EDM Hole Popper

Machine Capacities

The EDMs at Precision Products have a broad range of capacities with the largest hav-ing the following, X= 21.65h, Y=13.78h, Z=15.75h. With EDM we are able to hold tolerances of +/- .000080h ( 2 microns) which is 80 millionths of an inch.

Industries Served

PPIfs ISO 9001:2008 certified company services many industries including textile, power generation, medical, defense, automotive, firearms, plastic and rubber extrusion, jet turbine fuel systems, aerospace and many others.


PPI also offers a full staff of engineers capable of reverse engineering your parts and creating our own tolerance drawings, or we can use your supplied drawings and produce parts to them.

R&D and small runs

Precision Products is a job shop which means we are accustomed to running small batches including R&D projects that require only one for prototypes. Please contact one of our experienced sales engineers for more information.