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CNC Milling

PPI offers a wide range of CNC milling services using the latest equipment from Mazak in our ISO9001:2008 certified facility. PPI can work with a variety of materials in addition to metal including phenolic, hard plastics, urethane, nylon, Teflon, UHMWPE and many others.

CNC milling offers many advantages compared to producing the same parts on a conventional mill. Once a part has been blueprinted and then programmed into the CNC machine, you can be assured that each part produced will be the same. Even if the parts are made many years apart, the programming is locked in and therefore your parts will be identical.

CNC milling also offers you reduced costs compared to conventional milling operations. Since one operator can usually run multiple machines, the labor cost is reduced dramatically. The CNC milling process can produce most any 2D or 3D part for industries such as textiles, power generation, medical, defense, automotive, firearms, jet turbine fuel systems, plastic and rubber extrusion, aerospace and many others.

If you have a need for CNC milling, you can count on PPI to service your needs and deliver high quality parts, ontime, every time.

CNC Milling

Machine Capacities

Precision offers a wide range of milling machines up to X=41h, Y= 20h, Z=24h. All of our CNC milling machines are equipped with 4th axis attachments and they are capable of holding tolerances down to +/- .0003h.


PPI also offers a full staff of engineers capable of reverse engineering your parts and creating our own tolerance drawings, or we can use your supplied drawings and produce parts to them.

R&D and small runs

Precision Products is a job shop which means we are accustomed to running small batches including R&D projects that require only one for prototypes. Please contact one of our experienced sales engineers for more information.