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PPI Aspirator Guns

Precision Products produces the widest range of hand held and wall mount aspirators for extrusion (BCF, POY, CF, tape yarn, filament and multi-filament yarns) in the world. Our aspirators offer an economical alternative to the more expensive European models used today. These aspirators are used in the spinning of PP, Nylon, PET, PE, PEG PTFE, PU, PVC, PVP and many other polymers. These suction/air powered thread up guns are commonly used in many extrusion applications for string up and doffing of melt spun yarns.

Our aspirators are made with a 100% billet aluminum body that features an easy to use butterfly valve which allows the operator to adjust the airflow to ensure ease of use. The butterfly valve also prevents operator damage that is common with external, ball valves.

The internal jets are made of hardened tool steel for long life while inferior OEM aspirators use aluminum which is more prone to wear. Depending on the model these aspirators can easily handle up to 50,000 total denier and speeds up to 8,000 meters/minute.

Precision offers many different models of aspirators (sucker guns) with different tube lengths, different tip materials including Delrin, plain steel and tool steel inserts for demanding operations. We also offer brass tubes and fully covered aspirator tubes to prevent damage to the aspirator or adjacent equipment. Our aspirators are very affordable with most of models costing between $450-$850. Precision also has a model with a built in cutting tip.

Aspirator Guns, Sucker Guns

Precision also has a wide range of wall or overhead mounted aspirators and automatic cutoff valves to reduce air consumption in your plant. Air consumption is one of the biggest sources of energy consumption in the typical plant and reducing air leaks and the unnecessary operation of aspirators is sure to save you money.

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