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Materials matter.

We all know that the type of materials used to create your parts dictate overall longevity and performance. At Precision Products, we understand how to analyze your projects or prototype to properly recommend the most optimal materials for your applications and usage type. In addition, we take a detailed look at any components that may be a problem in order to provide you with expert advice on how to get you back up and running at optimum performance.

Our Experts can determine the right material for your parts including…

  • If the application is structural or bearing and wear
  • The tolerances and specifications required for the finished product
  • Chemical and environmental requirements
  • Thermal requirements such as minimum and maximum conditions and service temperatures
  • Other requirements including tensile and compressive strength, flexural modulus, and CLTE
  • Availability of material sizes and shapes
  • And much more...

Some of the most common general purpose, high-performance, structural, and bearing & wear materials we machine include:

Carbon Steels Stainless Steels Aluminum
Tool Steels Brass Bronze

Other materials include:


Anodized Aluminum Parts
For Specific Applications

    Amorphous Materials : Structural materials with excellent insulating characteristics for electronic applications.
    Semi-Crystalline Materials : Highly chemical resistant and used for both structural and bearing and wear applications.
    Imidized Materials : The ultimate high temperature materials for extreme conditions.
    Thermoset Materials : Resin layered and extremely rigid for structural applications.