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Precision Products performs reverse-engineering of parts for industrial machines. We examine the part, and we analyze it for any necessary improvements. Then, we manufacture the part to the highest quality standards and most exacting tolerances.

We never compromise when it comes to quality or efficiency. As we continually invest in the latest technology to optimize our engineering, machining, and research & development processes.

Our mission is to exceed all your expectations.

Our Machines and Services include the following:

CNC High Speed Hard Milling

Precision Products offers state-of-the-art, three-axis hard milling on two 42,000 rpm Swiss spindle Mikron milling machines. While many shops offer three-axis milling, very few offer the ability to mill hardened parts. We heat treat parts, and then, we perform the final milling to ensure the part remains true to the required dimensional tolerances and will not move during heat treating which is often an over looked source of part variation.

The capabilities of the Mikron allow us to machine up to Rc 61 while holding tolerances of +,- .0001 inch on a production basis. The Mikron also produces superior surface finishes when compared to traditional CNC milling. The Mikron is also fitted with an advanced palletizing system that allows us to run many parts in an automated lights-out basis further reducing your cost. Even when running in fully automated mode, we are able to hold very tight tolerances due to the automatic laser tool measurement feature built into our machine. Once tool wear reaches a critical point, the machine replaces it with a new tool from its magazine, and locks out the worn tool. If the laser measures tool wears, it will rerun the last operation to ensure the dimensions are maintained.

Machine Capacities

X= 19.68 inch, Y=17.72 inch, Z=13.78 inch

Using the Mikron, PPI is able to machine-hard tool steels such as D2, M2, M4, S7, H13, A2 and many other hardened tool steels. The Swiss spindle of the Mikron operates at speeds up to 42,000 rpms, and uses a shrink fit tool holder to ensure the tooling is in the exact center of the spindle.

Metrology - Industrial Metrology - CMM
Industrial metrology is the science of measurement.

Without precise measurement, no precise parts could ever be made. Precision Products maintains extensive calibration on all our measurement devices tracing them back to NIST standards. It is only with this rigorous calibration schedule as well as our ISO 9001:2008 certification that allows Precision to be able to ensure to you that the parts are made exactly according to print.

Precision Products offers high-precision metrology from two coordinate measuring machines. The largest machine is a Zeiss Contura offering scanning technology and reporting capacity to compare the part to the original blueprint or tolerance sheet.

The Zeiss is also widely used for reverse engineering and quality assurance. In addition to the Zeiss, PPI also has a Brown and Sharpe Mistral CMM. Both machines are calibrated and certified to .000080 inch or 2 microns.

Machine Capabilities

Brown and Sharpe X=24 inch, Y=36 inch, Z=24 inch
Zeiss Contura X=30 inch, Y=36 inch, Z=24inch

CNC Milling

Precision Products offers a wide range of CNC milling services using the latest equipment from Mazak in our ISO9001:2008 certified facility. We work with a large variety of materials in addition to metal including phenolic, hard plastics, urethane, nylon, Teflon, UHMWPE as well as exotic metals.

CNC milling offers many advantages compared to producing the same parts on a conventional mill. Once a part has been blueprinted and programmed into the CNC machine, you can be assured that every part is identical. Even if the parts are made many years apart, the programming is locked in. Therefore, your parts will always be true.

CNC milling also offers you reduced costs compared to conventional milling operations. A single operator may run multiple machines. Therefore, the labor cost is reduced dramatically. The CNC milling process produces almost any 2D or 3D part for all types of industries including textiles, power generation, medical, defense, automotive, firearms, jet turbine fuel systems, plastic and rubber extrusion, aerospace and many others.

If you require CNC milling, you can count on Precision Products to service your needs and deliver high quality parts on time at all times.

Machine Capabilities
Precision offers a wide range of milling machines up to X=41 inch, Y= 20 inch, Z=24 inch. All of our CNC milling machines are equipped with 4th axis attachments, and they are capable of holding tolerances down to +/- .0003 inch.

CNC Turning - CNC Multi Tasking Machines

Precision offers five axis CNC machining on two state of the art Mazak multitasking machining centers which offers all the functionality of a horizontal and vertical milling machine along with a traditional CNC turning center built into one highly accurate CNC machine. The result is reduced cycle time on many parts and increased machining accuracy. These machines also offer the ability to make smaller runs with only one set up as opposed to having to setup both a mill and a lathe.

With a main spindle and a sub spindle, the Integrex can machine both sides of the part by handing off from one spindle to the other with zero loss of orientation. This allows indexing of drill holes, threads or any other operational location needed from front to back of the part. PPI offers two Integrex machines to meet your custom part needs in our state of the art ISO-9001:2008 certified facility in Dalton, GA.

Machine Capabilities
Mazak Integrex i200s= 25 inch swing, 41 inch between centers and 15 inch max diameter
Mazak Integrex i400s= 26 inch swing, 60 inch between centers and 16 inch max diameter

EDM Drill & EDM Hole Popper - EDM Machining & Current Drilling

Precision offers four Charmilles Wire EDM machines and one EDM current drilling machine (EDM Drill and EDM Hole Popper). The largest of the EDMs is a Charmilles Cut 300 which includes a water tank to fully submerge the fixture, tool head and part to be produced. By controlling the entire environment, tolerances drop dramatically. With the wire EDM process, there is no tool pressure and no tool wear which are both common issues with traditional CNC machining resulting in very low tolerances.

The wire EDM process can use wire diameters from .001 inch up to .012 inch to handle a wide range of applications. EDM also produces very sharp corners and edges for demanding application.

A major advantage of wire EDM is the superior finish that is produced as it requires no de-burring to produce a very smooth and straight surface. We also have 4th axis capabilities on all our machines offering additional range of machining ability. Since the heads on all our machines fully articulate independently of each other, this offers the ability to make parts not normally possible with EDM.

EDM removes material with electricity vaporizing the material so hardness and material type is not an issue as long as the work piece conducts electricity. The EDM process also allows us to heat treat parts before machining as opposed to heating after. This completely eliminates the movement that traditionally occurs after heat-treating as a source of part-dimensional variation.

EDM Drill and EDM Hole Popper

Machine Capabilities
The EDMs at Precision Products have a broad range of capacities with the largest having the following, X= 21.65 inch, Y=13.78 inch, Z=15.75 inch. With EDM we are able to hold tolerances of +/- .000080inch (2 microns) which is 80 millionths of an inch.

CNC Lathes

Precision offers multiple Hyundai CNC lathes and a Mazak CNC lathe with live tooling to produce the highest quality parts from our ISO-9001:2008 certified process. Precision Products has been making custom CNC and conventionally machined parts since 1993 in our state of the art 150,000+ square foot facility in Dalton, GA. Precision Products has a fully trained staff of machinists and engineers that are able to design and make new parts, or we can reverse-engineer your existing parts.

With our mix of both conventional and CNC turning machines, we are able to handle order sizes from a single part up to production sized runs of hundreds or even thousands of parts as needed to meet your requirements. We also run flexible work schedules to ensure we are able to meet your production or breakdown schedule requirements.

Our business is keeping your machines up and running, and we understand that production schedules don't allow time to wait on deliveries. You can count on Precision Products for reliable service for all your precision parts needs.

Precision Products has a maximum capacity of 20 inch diameter and up to 37 inches between centers on our CNC lathes. We also offer conventional lathes with much larger capacities.

Machine Capabilities
Precision offers a variety of lathes with capacities from 17 inch diameter maximum up to 20 inch diameter machines and length maximums of 24 inches up to 37 inches. Our CNC lathes are capable of holding tolerances down to plus or minus .0003 inches.

Laser Measuring and Extrusion Barrel Alignment
Laser Barrel Alignment Saves Time and Money

Save time and money by having your equipment properly aligned. An investment in laser alignment helps you by lowering replacement parts costs, decreased downtime less wear and tear on critical components as well as lower power consumption.

Extrusion barrel alignment is one of the most common uses of laser alignment due to the small tolerances that exist between a screw and extruder barrel. Proper alignment barrel relative to the output shaft of the gearbox will dramatically increase the life and output of an extrusion line over its life cycle. The larger and longer the extrusion screw is, the more important proper alignment becomes.

For example, a misalignment of .060 inch on a 4 inch 24:1 screw requires over 9000lbs force on the screw to bend it to conform to the misaligned barrel. That 9500lbs of force translates to extra wear on the screw and barrel which will lead to premature failure. Once the tolerance between the screw and barrel is compromised, extruder output is reduced, and line efficiency and profits suffer. In some situations, misalignment can even lead to screw breakage.

Laser barrel alignment is the only way to prevent improper alignment, and it should be done every time the screw is removed or when the gearbox is decoupled from the extruder. Lasers represent the most accurate and fastest way to perform this alignment procedure with our device capable of measuring less than .001 inch deviation. That is one thousandths of an inch.

A complete laser alignment of a typical extrusion line can be performed in 8-10 hours or less, and the payback on this small investment in time is well worth the small cost. Precision offers barrel alignment as well as roller, coupling, and pulley alignment services.

Laser Barrel Alignment & Extrusion Barrel Alignment

At Precision Products, we also use our 2-axis laser alignment on our own CNC and conventional machining centers. Not only does this lower wear and tear on our equipment, it also ensures that the parts we make on our equipment are in tolerance every time.

Using the collimated laser system, we are able to align our chucks as well as tool holders to ensure perfect alignment. As an ISO-9001:2008 certified company, we have included these steps into our machine calibration procedures, and consider them a key to our success in making high precision parts. Precision Products is not just our name. It defines what we create.

500,000 Lb. H-Beam Press

Hydraulic presses are an important tool to any company that specializes in repairing and rebuilding equipment. We recently added a new H-Beam hydraulic press in addition to the existing 100 ton unit we already had in place. The horizontal shifting hydraulic ram acts as a 16 inch stroke, and when combined with the 60 inch frame width, it allows us to handle large gears.

The depth of the frame is 20 inches, and the vertically adjustable beam allows a maximum throat height of 48 inches. With a rated capacity of 250 tons (500,000 lbs.), the new press at Precision Products is ready to help repair or rebuild your large project with ease.

In addition to the press, it is also equipped with a side mounted 40,000 lb. broach attachment. This allows us to cut large keyways on inside diameter parts with ease. When combined with our expert laser barrel alignment services, Precision Products is your one-stop source for all gearbox rebuilds!