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Parts For Filteco Pulleys/Idler Rolls

00-052 00-052

Shell Diameter 50mm
Shell Length 150mm
Overall Length 196mm
Mounting Diameter 32mm
Mounting Shoulder Length 46mm
6" Idler Roll


55mm Pulley Cover Set

00-135 00-135

500mm Godet Roll Shaft


Godet Nut
Thread Size Is M12 x 1.0

00-363.png 00-363

55mm Pulley Cover Left

00-364.png 00-364

55mm Pulley Cover Right

01-105 01-105

Cover For 44.5mm Outside Diameter Pulley
Pulley Cover


Miniature Idler Roll

01-801A 01-801A

Doffin Wheel

01-801B 01-801B

Doffin Wheel Cover


6" Idler Roll End and Base

02-146A.jpg 02-146A


02-146B.jpg 02-146B

Top Cover For Pulley


Mixing Cam 180 Degree

02-288.jpg 02-288

OD is 1.785

02-289.jpg 02-289

Pulley Top Cover

02-289A.jpg 02-289A

Pulley Base Cover


Pulley Cover

02-422.jpg 02-422

50mm ID
Godet Shaft Spacer


Mixing Cam 120 Degree

03-288.jpg 03-288

Righthand Roller Block

04-296.jpg 04-296

Small Idler Puller With Stud and Base

04-297.jpg 04-297

Small Idler Pulley Base

04-351.jpg 04-351

Dancer Roller Mount

04-403.jpg 04-403

Shell Diameter 22mm
Overall Length 116.5mm
Mounting Diameter 8mm Thread
Idler Roll

06-013.jpg 06-013

Shell Diameter 50mm
Shell Length 110mm
Overall Length 155mm
Mounting Diameter 32mm
Mounting Shoulder Length 45mm
4"" Idler Roll


Idler Roll End Cap
For 5mm Bolt

14-556.png 14-556

Idle Roll VR50X150

15-059.png 15-059

Idler Roll Mounting Block For Filteco


Doffin Wheel With Bearing
NA 996184A Pos 8

99-062.jpg 99-062

55mm Pulley With Bearing