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Metrology - Industrial Metrology - CMM

Industrial metrology is the science of measurement and without precise measurement no machine shop is capable of making precise parts. Our shop maintains extensive calibration on all our measurement devices tracing them back to NIST standards. It is only with this rigorous calibration schedule and our ISO 9001:2008 certification that Precision is able to ensure to our customers that the parts are made to print.

Precision Products offers high precision metrology from two coordinate measuring machines. The largest machine is a Zeiss Contura offering scanning technology as well as reporting capacity to compare the part to the original blueprint or tolerance sheet.

The Zeiss is also widely used for reverse engineering as well as quality assurance. In addition to the Zeiss, PPI also has a Brown and Sharpe Mistral CMM and both machines are calibrated and certified to .000080” or 2 microns.


Industries Served

PPI services many industries including textile, power generation, medical, defense, automotive, firearms, plastic and rubber extrusion, jet turbine fuel systems, aerospace and many others.

Machine Capacities

Brown and Sharpe X=24", Y=36", Z= 24"
Zeiss Contura X=30", Y=36", Z=24"


PPI also offers a full staff of engineers capable of reverse engineering your parts and creating our own tolerance drawings, or we can use your supplied drawings and produce parts to print.