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Polyurethane and Foam Machines

04-013 04-013

Poly Inlet Block

04-083.jpg 04-083

Draw Down Box Knife

04-291.jpg 04-291

Foam Shaft Assembly

04-312.jpg 04-312

Atomizing Injector

04-323.jpg 04-323

Foam Shaft Assembly

04-384.jpg 04-384

Foam Machine Shaft Assembly

04-418.jpg 04-418

Foam Shaft Machine #3 Assembly

05-023.jpg 05-023

Urethane Injector

05-074.jpg 05-074

Urethane Injector

05-111.jpg 05-111

0.14 Injector Spacer

05-112.jpg 05-112

0.34 Injector Spacer

05-113.jpg 05-113


05-163.jpg 05-163

3/4" Lefthand Nut For Foam Shaft

05-165.jpg 05-165

Pin Mixer

05-220.jpg 05-220

23" Drawdown Blade

06-009.jpg 06-009

Injector With Spiral Poppet

06-085.jpg 06-085

Set Up Gauge

06-086.jpg 06-086

Set Up Gauge

07-269A 07-269A

Top Press Fixture


Base Nest Fixture

07-380.jpg 07-380

Lefthand Brass Acme Nut

07-381.jpg 07-381

Righthand Brass Acme Nut

08-518.jpg 08-518

Jackfoot Assembly

08-520 08-520

2" Aluminum Core Shaft

08-520 08-531

3" Aluminum Core Shaft

08-538 08-538

4" Roller

09-028.jpg 09-028


09-134.jpg 09-134

Curing Rack Idler Roller

09-259 09-259

Foam Laminating Fixture

09-297 09-297

CSF4410 & 4413 Press Plate

10-171.jpg 10-171

Pour Head Drive Assembly

10-241.jpg 10-241

Clevis Assembly

10-242.jpg 10-242

Door Plate Assembly

11-065.jpg 11-065

.125" x 3.00" x 17.75"
Trowel Blade

11-128A.jpg 11-128A

Mixer Shaft Assembly (Straight Pins)

12-172.jpg 12-172

Bushing (Clevis)

17-071LH 17-071LH

End Dam
Lefthand For Foam Applicator

17-071RH 17-071RH

End Dam
Righthand For Foam Applicator

C01-019A.jpg C01-019A

Pressure Injector Nozzle

C91-238.jpg C91-238

Mixer Shaft Lab Line