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Parts For STP / Impianti Guides


Swivel Bar Assembly

00-254.jpg 00-254

Three Finger Guide

01-006.png 01-006

Bracket A For Blow Pipe Assembly


Guide Bar

01-464.png 01-464

STP Top Rod Guide

01-771 01-771

Guide Rod

03-009.jpg 03-009

Dancer Arm Pigtail

03-010.jpg 03-010

Dancer Arm Pigtail Bar


Yan Guide Holder

04-247.jpg 04-247

Comb Guide Holder

05-060.jpg 05-060

Stationary Guide

07-291.jpg 07-291

Spin Finish Guide Plate Assembly

08-246.jpg 08-246

Guide Holder For Spin Finish

10-044.jpg 10-044

Swivel Cap

00-254 11-051

Three Finger Guide Assembly


Pipe Threaded Guide